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Virgo Moon

The fear has been crouching there, just at the edge of my vision, all. day. long.

My money is changing. My job is changing. My me-ness is changing.

Between the yoga, the energy work, the abundance work, the writing community, the Eckhart Tolle book group,

my me-ness is changing.

I left yoga today springy-spined and feeling completely integrated. Then I had to pee every 20 minutes for the rest of the day, which is no easy feat when your job is all about driving.

I’ve become an expert at identifying public restrooms (you wouldn’t believe how many places are off-limits and sometimes I have to go so bad my abdomen is in a vice grip and my home base is a moving vehicle instead of an office and so it feels like a monumental injustice that a business would deny me their toilet!!!).

My urination rate explodes off the chart after Bikram yoga because before going in, I chug 3 liters in the hour and a half leading up to class. Then I sweat my own sort of Snoqualmie Falls and my cells are famished for water. Thus, the cycle begins. At the end of all this, I actually get kind of a dehydration headache. After pounding water all day! Weird.

Tonight is the full moon in Virgo and I called two women to a healing ritual in my home. Cancellations, complications and health issues of those involved means it didn’t happen. Virgo, my sweet. Oh compassionate, conscientious one. Oh healer, oh fixer-upper. The Virgo moon and I are crooning our own serenades to each other this night while my stomach begs me for chocolate.



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