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a One without hustle

Good morning, Mama Planet! I’m in love with your birdsong, your breezes, your funny little people. I am grateful for:

1. The Community Nurse line at Harborview 2. Facebook 3. Community 4. Support 5. Coffee! 6. Abundance 7. Good smells 8. Bartering 9. My professional Tarot practice 10. Poetry! 11. My Beautiful Self 12.  my friend D-Star, the giggliest queerbo I know 13. Where I live 14. My neighborhood 15. The Shanti Program 16. Mornings 17. Good lip balm 18. Good ink pens 19. My healthy body 20. My bright and shining spirit

I haven’t been writing this week. I am softness. I am fresh air. I am sunglasses, ripped jeans and flipflops. I am chapped lips. I am a rider of the 358. I am lip-slicked resonance. I am cool relaxation. I am shade. I am springy spine. I am eyes like the Caribbean, schools of fish and bracelets of seaweed. I am a kelp dancer, a cartomancer, which means reader of the cards. I am deep-sinking footsteps. I am a smeller of roses. Each and every one. You may see me on your street, all closed-eyes delight and bent over your roses. I am that One. A one without hustle.



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