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I am the Fire.

I took the #48 bus down to the end of the line and embarked on a little hike (beautiful! In the city! Smells and sounds and soft greens and browns. Solitude.) down to Golden Gardens, to the ocean. Mother Ocean, Yemaya, Kwan Yin, Aphrodite, the Waterfey (Mermaids). I am soothed and smoothed like riverstones. I needed to be near you, Mama.

How can I serve you today, Goddess (LifeForce)? Just focusing on me is not enough. I’m here to serve. I’ve always known that. Feet in damp sand, skin brushed clean by salty breezes, blue eyes drinking in blue waters. We Are One.

Walking along the footpath to get to this little semi-secluded section of beach, I suddenly remembered how I used to go walking alone in the cemetery in my Kansas hometown. I craved the Quiet. I loved the shady gravel road, the flowers and trees, the sense of peace and rest. I spent a lot of time in that cemetery.

Great Mother, when I asked for time and space for dreaming, my prayer was answered. This I have. Now I come to you and open my arms to receive your physical blessings of money and resources. Still with time and space for dreaming. I am happy to climb into the Womb of Night, to rest, to incubate. With Imbolc, I will be initiated into the next leg of the journey. May it be revealed during the Dreamtime of winter. I know you will sustain me. I am open and ready to receive your gifts!

I come to this place where earth, water and air meet and realize that I am the Fire.

I am the Fire.



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