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Gratitude, Chapter 3

Good morning, Seattle. Good morning, Goddess!! Thank you for the deliciousness of waking up next to Amanda’s warm skin and the seawater breeze that whistles outside. Thank you for hot coffee–each day hot coffee. Thank you for the music I can carry around in my pocket and pipe into my ears with the push of a button. Thank you for my job–reliable and rewarding, giving me so many lessons and chances for growth. Thank for the stable income it provides. Thank you for dancing! Thank you for books and for my writing–please help me manifest it in the form that it can most be of service. Feed my creativity. Great Mother, thank you for my sobriety and recovery. Thank you for keeping me smoke free for nearly a year now! Thank you for my friends–show me how to love them and how to be a Friend. Thank you for Bent and for all the support for my writing! Thank you for bringing me to Seattle and keeping me here. Thank you for life.




My roots snake down like arrows my marrow is filled with Her. In the spongey absences left by my lover I cajole and wink the Goddess into my palms. I court her. She is my muse and my sandwich. She is all the things my mother never could be and I devour her. I ask to go home I want to be taken home I want my taproot to knock on the door of her heart and I want her to let me in. Mothers and lovers in a masquerade, musical chair faces passed back and forth and I’m sucking the last sweetnesses out of this lollipop. My cheeks implode with the velocity of my pulling and straining at her hem. The Grand One, the Great Mother rocks in a boat made of wicker and I am the waves, I am the undertow. Seagulls wheel overhead and I am their wingtips. Murmuring mermaids are cresting and I seek something solid. Where is the ground where are my mudprints? I peck the shore for bits of clams and crumbs and wait for the next high tide.

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