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Gratitude, Chapter 4.

Good morning, Great Mother.

I see your trees pushing out their buds, which are plumpening by the day. Goddess, help me be Present. Help me see the people around me, see the beings around me, see the beingness around me. Show me how I can be of service today. Send me the people I can most help and help me be a channel of your love, wisdom, healing and abundance. Thank you for my love with Amanda. Thank you for all the pieces coming together so we can make a home together. Thank you for a good night’s sleep in a warm and comfortable bed. Thank you for music. Thank you for coffee. Thank you for my job and the love and support I receive there. Thank you for the inspiration and the means to return to school. Thank you for my Tarot practice and the New Moon Circles! Thank you for my loving circle of friends and family.

Help me forgive myself.

Resurrect my love bubble so that it touches and glows on everyone with whom I come into contact. Help me find space and grace and


“Love is the sign above the door to a new paradigm.” —Leslie Temple-Thurston


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