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Gift of Air (post-massage)

The Gift of Air: blue feather, my wingedness, my faeryness. Antique rose and crystal. Humor. Laughter! “But Shae, you ARE free!” my spirit guide laughed. Crystal dome, massive pink geyser bursting from soles of feet up through body’s column! Spraying! Massive pink waterfall in reverse! A fountain, my fountain, my Yin, rose quartz-fueled. I am free!!

An energetic cord extends, arm-like, from this place of strength. I see the smokescreen of fear and explode (!) it.

I am strength of Love and Self. Authentic. I am generosity. My hard knots have become soft and fleshy again. I am Fire Queen: you cannot extinguish me. Also a mother of cups: yin, yin, and more yin. My psychic shield and its component parts: fire beneath my feet; wings at my back; a bright eyed owl from my chest; a gorilla on my left; Artemis warrior at my right; a spider above my crown, spinning spinning spinning a web.

Instructions to me from the Goddess: Remember to meditate. Remember to go on long lone walks. Remember to write–and not just gratitude lists, lovely and necessary though they might be. Remember who you are: LOVE! You are love. You know love’s essence, its folds and undulations. You can weave among it all. Remember rainy days in coffee shops when your journal and your ferocious heart was all you had, all you needed. You’ve always found your way. You’ve always Known. Feed Life. Feed Love. Starve fear. Starve it. No energy to it, no nourishment. I will always come to you. You can always find me. You are my beloved, my sweetness. You are the essence of my very own heart. You are safe here. I am the crystal dome. I am your perfect resonance. Remember your alone time with music and dancing. Your wandering. Your poetry.

Thank you, my massage healer friend, for the Reminders. Thank you for helping me remember the Gift of Air:

Breath. Clarity. Laughter! Levity. Connecting thoughts, connecting the dots, speed of thought, the Big Picture. And always always always my Writing! My writing! My writing! My writing!



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