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Aphrodite’s mysteries

Great Mother,

Thank you for the ability to sit here and relax and read Tarot cards at Edge of the Circle Books. Second chakra: creativity, self-esteem, self-worth. I have food and drink. I have coffee. I am full of love and peace. I am healing. Thank you for these cards, for this world of Tarot, this rich world, this deeply multi-hued world! Thank you for the love inside me and all around me. Thank you for my relationships.

Thank you for the breakthrough last night–recognizing my anger toward my girlfriend was really about feeling rejected, which means at its root I was feeling not good enough and unworthy of love, which wasn’t a result of her actions but was an outward reflection of my inward landscape. And I didn’t even have to be mad at myself, either! It’s not good or bad; it just is. The is-ness. Love is an open door–to myself, to the Goddess, to others. Anything can be weathered in a context of love. And self-love is the bedrock.

I asked for lessons on love. I asked for Aphrodite’s mysteries to be revealed to me. I am opening myself. I love the Catholic idea of “sacred heart.” And ALL hearts are sacred. All I’ve had to do is ask and be willing to receive. Letting go of shame and not enough-ness. The angels are working with me. The faeries are there, too. I feel very close to the Goddess.

                                              “Love I offer myself to you, to build with me and do with me as you will…”

Great Mother, Yemaya, Aphrodite, show me the mysteries of Love! Open me to the deep reality!

                           “We found the Great Reality deep down within us…”


Calling Aphrodite

Aphrodite. Yemaya. Mother Ocean. Wash away my ego, all my discolorations and splinters of self-hatred, my fears of the small self, so that all that remains is Love–Big Love. Love that blurs distinctions. Love that reveals our Oneness.

Dearest Yes,

I call you to me. To open my days into a forever of possibility and presence. Show me my essence. Help me with the always knowing of Love as the only


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