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Write about a hidden talent

I can crook and sparkle my eye to show you your light bulbs–the ones that fizz and crackle, the ones you ignore–you’ve grown accustomed to the buzz buzz of their hum like fluorescent lights that are always left on.

I can pluck your chain from the jellied glass you store it in and give it a little yank, a peck-on-the-cheek sort of howdy doody and wake you up! A blink on the brink of full-throated lion’s yawn so you can see and feel the warm sinew of your own legs, flex hide like plush towels gathered and tucked to hold you, to dry you.

I can introduce you to yourself.

Extend hand extend arm extend claw extend tongue,

tentacled reaching toward your inchworm laugh-lines I can raise the curtain on your sunbright teeth and extend your reach

with my fancy footstool

of love.


Write about a day of “ow”

I am always so proud to glimpse the mystery. The pick-up of vowels and mouths that speak sideways or hidden unbidden owls swooping out and out and down slice branches and loud romances and not everyone says what they mean.

But some spit truth because to not is to drown it’s among these I’m found And I’ll fold soft

and pliant if you let the words wander through the crowd of your teeth, let them find their relief, it is safe I won’t bleed I am thick

with courage. I stand open and frownless to the blade of your truth. Besides, you can’t hide do not forget I am

Sayer of Sooth.

Zenith Supply Store

I walked into the witch’s supply store and the redheads smiled. Isis spread her wings oceanwide and dazzled feathers in my hair and I rocked there glowing, a chunk of red calcite in my hands, a cradle, a basket. The band played on as in the customers and their songs the varied tones of a capella octaves I rocked silent, I buzzed and throbbed with that stone in my hands

I crowned my forehead Vision. Amber waves of grain are in my blood, I was born into it but this! This the witch the switch I’ve beat I’ve flipped I’ve leaped from Kansas to the city green and here I stand at zenith. The braids and suedes of energy I am awake I sweet with vibes I drink the tides I am

of the earth. Earth mother. She’s cast in clay enclosed in glass I wear her name I break the cast of fathergod and power

Sergeant!      I wash and wax and crumple towers like aluminum cans I can because I’m goddess. This mystery of herstory is crashing through the doors but silent. It’s in our DNA. I touch it when I play, when I poem this and poem that and squeeze the grass for elegiac

praise and tunnel my way earthward earthworm Cornfields and office parks the Goddess lives in all. I’m picking up her call not running rage-fueled and fear-cramped I am LEAPING the moon the moods the views move through me I am synergy because I hear her. I hear her, she is me.

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