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Caterpillar Yawn

Caterpillar yawn


Caterpillar yawn stretches elastic

shakes off its skin—the liquefied

insides have grown tendons and

jawlines—hinges to speak from


tulips and rose petals—I always

want to eat them—such soft,

such petal brilliance, puppy

fur and new private, tender

things. I am hungry for

something beautiful.

Black and white

TV Land of

closed homes and sleepwalkers,

Zombie-like—but I don’t

want to judge. Anymore. My

hunger for beauty liberates



My hunger for beauty


Me, I’m a dreamer. Some

would say


in the head

but I prefer to think about it like



spots for eyes—a brightness

that doesn’t beg hiding. Strike

the match of your

thumb and open

yourself to the highway. No

dangerous truckers here,

just freefall, easy


mind you of tangerine

free. Acidic and sweet. The

fragrant sleep of static

humming and crasping. The background bits

that crowd in are dreaming. Restfulness of





fullness of Root

less ness,

changing and weaving the

rootweed, milkweed, a dusk

of milling and cartwheels

and cresting of us.

Us Us Us Us Us

Five times. Magnify the

We, the hands blinking

awaking shaking off


flashing poems trenchcoats flap

skirts and stilts, toes in

silt, macaw caw parrots

hoot the pirates


Rest is here in

flow of feed—one links to

you, one links to me, switching

seeds, braided seams,

no single singularity.


Caterpillar yawn stretches

elastic—shakes off its skin.








One thought on “Caterpillar Yawn

  1. Wow, Shae! Beautiful! Love it! Thank you!

    Posted by Patrick | June 30, 2011, 6:21 pm

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