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The Gift I Want to Give

Open open open jawlines big mouths big eyes big big big movements! Jumping down the street, springing out of bed, springing into bed, singing through your bank teller interactions, steamtrain streetcar trolleycar San Francisco push it up the hill! BIG jump BIG smile big teeth eyes silverdollars sand dollars ocean waves sound waves flower chains rumblemarches then

slow deep soft big presence. The presents of listening and love medicine. I want my writing to be a magickal green salve, a butter for your wounds, milk for minds and floss for heart ventricles. I want to be a vulnerable wing-ed example of truth-telling, of truth-listening. Not enough about listening out there. Lots about talking, not much about listening.

My writing will be water for parched lips, refreshing fresca bubbling down throats–firing up throat chakras, leading to love-ins, opening wingspans to wonder and excellence. We will all see each other and address one another as “Your Excellency.” Because aren’t we all perfectly excellent?

I don’t need to tear the place down, I don’t think smart equals frown! Throw out the lassos and de-invisibilize the women! Swim in, swim in, swim in schools and circle the wagons. Tie up the hyenas with red ropes of licorice and slide down sugary mountains all planted with trees. I will seize the moment–no I will release. I will release the moment. It’s not about clutching and grabbing, it’s about


the space

around the cornices

in the great big





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