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Shae Savoy is a Seattle poet, Tarot reader, and teacher whose roots tap deep toward Kansas. Shae has published five chapbooks and her work has most recently appeared in J Journal: New Writing on Justice; Sinister Wisdom; WomenArts Quarterly; Wilde Magazine; Pocket Guide; Paper Nautilus; Common Ground Review; Trivia: Voices of Feminism and the anthology Once Upon a Time. She was a shortlist finalist for Yemassee Journal‘s 2012 Pocataligo Poetry Prize.


 To contact me for any of the services below, or just to wonder at the perfection of the weather, email shae.savoy@gmail.com

Writing, Teaching, Editing

I offer one-on-one writing mentorships, in addition to ongoing classes.

I am available for editing and proofreading services—and I am a Virgo. It doesn’t get better than this. You want my eyeballs on your work. Trust me.

I teach workshops centering around the intersection of creative writing, social justice and spirituality. I have also taught poetry and prose at Bent Writing Institute, the only LGBTQ writing school in the world, as well as “Poetry for the People” at The Nova Project: An Alternative High School. Currently, I serve as Student Publications Advisor to Seattle Central Community College’s student magazine, Central Circuit.

I hold an MFA in Poetry from Goddard College. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in several print and online publications (see Published Works page).

Reading the Tarot

As a Tarot practitioner and healer, I believe there’s nothing that can’t be healed with deep listening and love medicine.  I have been reading the Tarot for 18 years and have experienced the transformative power and clarity available when I combine the ancient symbols of the cards with my keen intuition and empathic abilities. My clients rave about my services and leave a Tarot session with me feeling rejuvenated, affirmed, grounded and connected. I have the ability to relate to a wide spectrum of individuals and the grace to provide clear, accessible and profound information with each reading.

I was floored by the wisdom, grace and illumination that Shae offered through the reading. She read the cards with amazing precision and was able to intuit some deep truths and promising paths in my life. It was eye-opening, truly a healing experience, and I will most definitely come back for more! What a beautiful gift!” –Jessica Nelson

My awareness of choice was expanded with the knowledge that Shae received and shared with me. During my reading Shae’s presence reminded me of the limitless capacity of the human spirit. I have seldom ever felt such inner power as I did from the reading. I felt empowered to create my own present and future with the knowledge and insight gained. Shae Savoy is truly an intuitive soul with a powerful ability to sense energy.” –Fin 


As an ordained minister through the Moonwise Congregation of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, I am available for spiritual counseling, Reiki, commitment ceremonies/weddings, baby blessings, house blessings and rites of passage of all kinds. I especially delight in rites of passage concerning women’s moon mysteries, such as menarche, pregnancy, childbirth, and croning ceremonies.





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Poet and Tarot Reader, specializing in Water Cartography
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