2 of Wands

It’s time to make a choice: stay put stay calm stay secure (or so you think) or take a leap, take a risk, jump off cliff’s face off the face of the map–you hold the world in your hands and 2 is about dialogue. Dialogue of Fire–fire that speaks to itself. Your staff will guide you your walking stick will lead you what is candle flaming forth, burning bright? Intertwining rosebush of purity and passion. Vitality knows itself through the splitting. Wearing a cap, protecting your head, these boots are made for walking. Looking out over the expanse: the water, the mountains, the village. Time to make a choice. Fire comes together, 2 streams, it can unite or explode. Friction burns, road rash, or Tiger Tiger burning bright. 2 flames that conspire. That breathe together. You have a view–ultimate potential. Where will you throw your creative energy? Where will you throw the clay of your life? Allow it to bake under the sun, allow heat waves to undulate and linger above your choice. Look down on the rooftops and imagine what’s inside. Something has breeched your horizon; something has broached the subject of your return. Safe behind stone walls of your castle but cloaked and readied for a journey. What will it be? Which staff to take up? Slow steady flame or crackling firefly blooming in the night? Questions. This card conjures questions. Travel cap. Thinking cap. Something has begun. Two faces, two voices, two urges, two stories. Parallel universes. Firecrackers matchsticks drumsticks. Follow your own. What is echoing? Where is your heartbeat? Feel the ripeness of your Choosing. Feel the gravity in your hands.



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