6 of Pentacles

6 equals balance, harmony. As above, so below. The giver, benefactor, merchant, richly robed and booted, fur-trimmed, holds the scales and gives the excess. She knows where her wealth came from and she tithes. The city looms. The beggars crouch, hands up and open, a look of supplication shades their eyes. As above, so below. Wealth comes from Inside. Keep the flow going. Give back the excess. Check for balance.

Are you balanced with your wealth? Are you begging for table scraps? Are you being generous? Or condescending. Is there dignity in your exchanges? Are you holding thoughts that your deeds have been measured and this is your reward? Are you working under a benevolent boss? Do you feel you need to be on your knees, do you believe in no pain, no gain? Do you believe that success means struggle?

A balanced life has room for giving, and health, and self-care, and recognition that Nothing Is Yours–you’re just borrowing it. Feeding back into the Source. Tithing. You must give what you hope to get back. Generate the flow of abundance in your life. Don’t give out of  a sense of superiority, or guilt, but from a place of humility. And if you’re crawling,

Stand up! Brush the dust from your knees. You have learned to ask for help! That’s wonderful!

Don’t stop there. Recognize there is a time to give and a time to get. All in its season. You don’t need to prove anything or perform in order to have worth and value. That comes from Inside.

What is harmony of earth element?

Health. Peace. Food. Rest. Joy. Service. Being the right size: not too large and not too small but Just. Right.

Like Goldilocks always knew.



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