King of Wands

I am a warm and radiant king and my feet take me in the direction of growth. I am heat, lion, getting it started! I stare into the distance and sit only momentarily on my high-backed throne, always ready to spring up and flame a project into life. My gaze throws off sparks. I am mentor and I open the way to transformation! I am the lick of fire in the heart that roars into action. I am tense and perch on the edge of my seat, my rich sun-colored gowns fall in folds and curtains and I am driven always by the bright promise of beginnings. I bring protection and self-assurance. I do not doubt my power, and I do not doubt yours. I am cardinal, torchbearer, seasoned teacher. I am integrity and decorum and also brash brassy boldness. I do not hesitate to rush into things headfirst if birth is calling. I am creativity stabilized–I have harnessed my power and channel it into my domain. I am direct and clear and act without artifice. I am honesty beacuase I have nothing to fear. Things don’t need to be complicated–I prefer blunt communication and self-revelation. I am red red race cars and grounded fire! I am vital, vibrant, virile! I am ambitious and driven–obstinate and unstoppable. I am raw power with a frame that can flex into forms a situation requires. I am King of the Bonfire, the site of births and rebirths.



One thought on “King of Wands

  1. This is utterly brilliant!!

    Posted by Jessica | December 11, 2013, 12:49 am

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