Queen of Pentacles

Oh Virgo me! Sitting on my throne, somewhat worried. Always more to do and be done! Bunny rabbit in the corner means fertility, the urge to reproduce, and such soft bunny fur so nice to touch. I am queen of the realm of the senses and the physical–I am abundance as a limitless flow. I am the earthly representative of the Empress, the Goddess, the Great  Mother. Mountains rise in the distance and it can be cold here–crisp autumn. I sit under an arbor of vines and flowers, as if framed–I can be a picture of calm and quiet ease. Recognizing the perfection of Nature and her cycles. I am surrounded by late summer fragrance, a cloying scent of flowers and honey and the industriousness of bees. I am the fruits of my labor. I hold my golden disc of life lightly–it’s not something to clamp down on but to cradle. Gently. I am royalty of green moss carpets, the richest of queendoms, a place of ripe pears and young children. I am round of flesh and my body is comfort. I have a deep wildness, the musk of goats and rutting–I honor the holiness of these acts; I worship the material and see the Goddess as immanence. My throne is ancient, carved of stone. I’m not going anywhere. I am of blood–tissues and viscosity. My garden watered effortlessly because I am in step with the natural rhythms. My presence is quiet, gracious. I seek harmony. I am support and comfort. I notice. I notice You. I don’t miss a beat. Don’t mistake my quiet calm for passivity. I am the ruler of the hearth and I carve out homes for all my wayward children.



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