The Empress

I am of the earth and water, I am the clay of life and the molder of the clay. I am Great Mother Goddess. My body is comfort; I have no bars against the physical, against pleasure, the magic of flesh and sense. I am Mother to all, even those who would seek me through lesser comforts. I am the Goddess of Love, Venus and rounded, Taurus, forest, soft pillows. Relax upon my breast–I have nursed you into life. I have carried your wounds in my affirming hands. My power is the power to bring Life, to bless the fields, to paint the grass with wildflowers. I am source of all sustenance and nourishment, the kind that sticks to your ribs, whole grains fat pumpkins and I water the grounds that crack and chap. I am the vivifier, quencher, salve, honey.

I am also the Queen: do not forget. My image survives. Amma, the one who hugs, who holds. Mother Mary, although I am no virgin. I embrace the delights of this being human, animal, viscera. I am the source of unconditional love: I have no preference between golden retrievers, rattlesnakes, jellyfish. All life is sacred and created by me, loved wholly and without fragment, by me.

I am the cup of fertility, an overflowing chalice. I bring the memory of ocean to your lips. I am all, origin of your bones, and my splendor is the crown of the heavens. I hold the ground, I am the mother who mourns the slaughter of her children and can be fierce in my retribution. Don’t think my loving nature is without teeth–threaten my young and watch the saberclaws of my grizzly bear fury.

I am your mother. Hear me. And remember here there is always a warm lap for you. I bless you with the powers of creation. Now pick up your paintbrush, your drum, your pen. Together we will spin the rich world into being.



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