The World

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The World! What a wonderful world full of cycles and circles and all is ringed with green, there’s always a tinge of growth, an afterglow of sweetness and everything comes full circle finally. The magic is in recognizing the dualities and knowing both poles, knowing the wands we hold. The classic extremities of polarity. We hold the balance. This is self-actualization! This is liberation and a journey with its final stone laid in place! Hair flowing in the wind, naked to the stars, the evolution of fire, earth, air, water. The synthesis. It’s about not only knowing my place in the world, but understanding that I do, indeed, HAVE a place in the world!

Tied together with red ribbons of blood and sex and alchemy. Wisdom: eagle looks on. Courage: lion with its direct gaze, unflinching, relaxed. Fortitude: the bull as the Horned One, as earth-in-the-flesh, as a model of fertility. Bull-leaping like the ancient Minoans, one of the great Goddess-honoring civilizations. The Goddess is about cycles. I float above the world but I am of the world and I am maiden/mother/crone rolled together into one. I am the all, the everything. My candle burns bright from both ends and scents the air with the gorgeous and sultry perfume of my humanness. I am free and I dance! I am the royalty of divinity that glows hot coals inside each and every living thing! I am the Aquarian, the water-carrier. I quench the thirsts I encounter because I honor the calling of Service. It starts with me on my open, ecstatic Fool’s Journey and ends with me knowing that really there is no “me” or rather the me I thought I was is only the smallest morsel in a much larger “I.”

I am.



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